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Extra liquidity or resources for your company

Many companies need guarantees. Delivering a guarantee creates security and trust towards your customers–no matter if it is a surety for the completion of a project, a warranty for your rendered service or a bid bond for the participation in a call for tender. These are just a few of the different kinds of guarantees which we can provide via our partners. The insurer assumes liability for your company towards your clients. You benefit from the insurer’s good name and his creditworthiness.

We give you an overview about the different partners, which types of guarantees they prefer and which insurer can support your export business.

A good argument for insurance-based guarantees is the relief of your credit lines at your principal bank. A credit insurer’s guarantee line replaces or supplements your principal bank’s guarantee line. This leads to additional liquidity for your company. Furthermore, collaterisation and interest rates are usually more attractive.

Depending on the type and amount of guarantees, some of our partners offer guarantees without a preliminary audit.

We offer guarantees for your individual requirements:

  • Warranties for defects
  • Contract performance bonds
  • Down-payment guarantees
  • Security mortgages
  • Goods delivery bonds
  • Customs bonds
  • Partial retirement bonds
  • Bid bonds
  • Rental payment bonds
  • Energy procurement guarantees

Our promise

We offer guarantees or bonds from all renowned providers.
We are set for long-term collaboration with you.
We will examine your existing contracts.

Use the advantages of bonds and guarantees:

The surety bond provider stands surety for you – without the need for you to involve your principal bank.

Guarantee lines will relieve the credit limits with your banks.

Guarantees or bonds are frequently provided quickly and without any statutory balance sheet audit.

Our brokered guarantee or bond providers enjoy a high reputation with private and public sector clients.

Brokerage of bonds and guarantees relies on our employees’ longstanding experience: We know which provider has exactly the bond insurance which is particularly suitable for you.

Contact us – we are looking forward to your inquiry.

Markus Gilleßen, M.A.Managing Director