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Top up cover
Additional limits when granted credit limits are no longer sufficient.

Just about everybody already had to face the situation that the limit decision of a commercial credit insurance is insufficient or that the limit inquiry was entirely rejected. A credit insurance provider’s function is to assess its clients and accordingly grant them limits. However, without creditworthiness or when documents are missing, the credit insurer has no option but to decide against subscribing or only partially subscribing your limit requests. It also happens regularly that although the customer’s creditworthiness is adequate, the credit insurance provider already exhausted its limit frame for other policyholders.

For some years already, so-called top up cover policies have been on the market. These top up the decisions of your credit insurance (primary insurer) and offer you an extra coverage (partial decisions). In individual cases (important: company must be assessable), it is possible to agree on additional limits despite rejections.

The German market offers different coverage concepts – from a general doubling of the partially subscribed limits, via a general additional limit (k€ 200) for all partial decisions starting from a k€ 50 limit, all the way to individual extra limits in the range of millions. Meanwhile, the insurers Euler Hermes, Coface and Atradius also offer proprietary extra coverage: Euler Hermes Cap and Cap+; Coface Topliner and Atradius CoverOnTop are interesting alternatives to the classic top up cover policies.

The additional policy’s terms and conditions generally follow those of the main contract. Thus in case of damage, the settlement of a claim should remain simple and manageable for you as the insured party.


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