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International credit insurance
For globally operating companies.

Are your business operations internationally oriented or do you even have foreign subsidiaries? If so, a credit insurance is an absolute must. It is difficult, however, to perfectly integrate the needs of your colleagues in Spain, for example, into a policy managed from Germany. In an internationally focused credit insurance policy we can address the wishes of each of your subsidiaries and take into account the needs and legal situation of your subsidiaries on site individually – all without your relinquishing control. Negotiating a policy on location then becomes a thing of the past. Even if there were an insurance obligation on location, we can adjust the conditions with you here on location and thus set the general direction. If the credit insurance goes across country borders, negotiate the framework conditions someplace central (e.g. in Germany).

By pooling the credit insurance, you will quickly realize the advantages of an international credit insurance policy. Better conditions and significantly broader terms and conditions are the rule. The so-called exposure and the hedging of political risks will offer you better protection of your claims. Of course, you still have at your disposal any of the usual on-site services, such as credit checks or claims settlements.

It is our duty as a broker to render the various products of the individual providers comparable. Our jointly prepared concept, reflecting your strategies and your risk tolerance, is at the heart of our centrally conducted contract negotiations. We will show you your possibilities or potentials.


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