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Commercial credit insurance
Protection against debt default

Commercial credit insurance serves as a central protection for your company in case of insolvency of one or more of your customers. A strong credit insurance partner at your side always advises you of risks in industrial sectors and countries, warns of payment irregularities by your business partners in good time, and steps in when debt default is inevitable. Already invoiced goods and services are insured; also insured are those goods and services already rendered but not yet invoiced.

Together with you, we will examine your company’s requirements of a commercial credit insurance; we will obtain offers and accompany you through the entire process of the drafting of contracts. Based on your customers, the credit insurer will then fix limits – taking into account, of course, any sector-specific risks and market conditions. In the end, you will have reasonable and reliable protection against payment defaults and thus enough security so that you can devote yourself to your orders and customers.

Where appropriate, the commercial credit insurance policy may be supplemented with additional safeguards; for example, an internationally set up credit insurance concept is recommended for globally operating corporate groups. Read more here.

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