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About our company

For more than 25 years already, VIA Delcredere GmbH is a specialty broker in the areas of credit insurance, bonds, factoring and debt collection. Before, during and after contract conclusion, we provide our clients in industry and commerce with independent consulting and support.

Our goal is to secure your liquidity and thus protect your company from any turbulences.

In light of current difficulties in assessing economic forecasts for Europe and the ongoing political crises worldwide, German companies must also be prepared for adversities. Increasingly frequent payment defaults and following insolvencies must be expected. Additionally, many companies are confronted with recovery claims from their (former) business partner’s insolvency administrator. Buzzword: Law on insolvency avoidance. Entrepreneurs are thus tasked once again with selecting their business partners very carefully.

In addition to major insolvencies, we currently also have to keep track of currency crises in newly industrializing countries, and of latent political conflicts in Ukraine, Syria and some African and South American states. What’s more, there is also a high level of debt in many countries and their municipalities, last but not least in Germany as well.

This is the point where we, the VIA Delcredere GmbH, get active for our clients. As permanent observers of the economic state of affairs, we support companies in assessing their chances and protecting their risks through insurances. And as a leading specialty broker, we will use our contacts and also support you in all activities relating to debtors management.

Our clients profit from our many years of relationships with all important insurers. Abroad we are supported by a functioning network of specialists. Our clients will thus have professional support on site in the most diverse areas. Learn more about our company policy and our mode of operation through an interview with Managing Director Frank Otto (German language).

We will show you possibilities to protect you from the dangers of bad debt losses. Tailored to your line of business and cost-effective. Count on it!

Our services

VIA Delcredere GmbH is member of BARDO e. V.


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Our employees

Markus Gilleßen
Markus GilleßenGeschäftsführer
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Sascha Wolff
Sascha WolffProkurist/Leiter Innendienst
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Ludger Janssen
Ludger JanssenProkurist
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Kirstin Hemmelrath
Kirstin HemmelrathKey Account Manager
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Anja Nadine Mickley
Anja Nadine MickleyKey Account Manager
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Astrid Lehmann
Astrid LehmannKey Account Manager
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Bianca Gassen
Bianca GassenOrganisation
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Our founder

Frank Otto
Frank OttoFounder
Frank Otto has retired from operational business in December 2020.